Something about the founder
Women of Faith and Hope was founded in 1994 by Novella K. Lyons one year after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her first experience with breast cancer was in 1975 when her mother succumbed to the disease. It was almost 20 years later when Novella herself experienced the devastating emotional, physical and mental effects of breast cancer. Determined to strengthen her mind, body and soul, Novella established Women of Faith and Hope to equip herself and others with the necessary information and skills to confront the painful and delicate issues surrounding breast cancer.
Novella's real knowledge and wisdom came through God's divine power. He provided her with everything she needed to achieve such a tremendous calling. She became dedicated and committed to supporting other women educationally, spiritually and emotionally. What started as a community-based outreach program has grown to reach women throughout the United States.
With God on her side, what seemed like an enormous task became a small mountain to climb. Novella is not just a survivor; she has embraced life to the fullest.
Novella Lyons

What We Are Doing

Early Detection

Increase education about early detection of breast cancer in at-risk targeted neighborhoods.

Self-help groups

Free monthly support group meetings offer information, peer support, encouragement and renewal through presentations by survivors. Our monthly Philadelphia meeting is held at Center in the Park (5818 Germantown Ave.) on the third Monday of each month.


Increase outreach to women in neighborhoods in need of breast cancer screening.

Community Outreach and Education

Presentations and information presented at health fairs, community events, schools, senior centers and churches, as well as literature sent monthly.

Support Services

Encouragement, information and assistance in the form of phone calls, hospital visits, home visits, cards, flowers and small gifts to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Special Events

WOFAH hosts an annual conference – Celebration of Life: Sisters Surviving Breast Cancer. Through focus groups, seminars, and panel discussions, this event unites breast cancer survivors, health care professionals, politicians, community activists, and others to discuss breast health.